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Schneider National: Moving The Goods

July 11, 2013

Moving goods from one location to another is an integral part of the economy. The national and world economy would not have grown to be as large if there were no capabilities for moving goods whether in short distances or across countries.

One of the companies that have prospered moving goods around is Schneider National. The business began in 1935 when A.J. “Al” Schneider sold the family car so he could purchase his first truck.  It wasn’t a bad move at all, it gave birth to Schneider National and over seven decades later would become one of the largest truckload carriers in the U.S.

It did not happen overnight; Schneider used a combination of organic growth and acquisitions to enlarge the company. Acquiring other companies allowed him to operate in other states as well. The company was also aggressive in using new technology to bring efficiency and lower expenses.

Schneider National is known for its bright-orange fleet which now comprises 10,000 trucks and 31,500 trailers. Through Schneider National Carriers the firm offers truckload services all over North America. Other services include transborder freight, intermodal service, warehousing and brokerage services. The company’s Schneider Logistics provides supply chain management services.

It’s at times hard to imagine that it started with one truck. Now this company which moves the goods generates revenues in the $ 3 billion range annually.

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