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Flex-N-Gate: Manufacturing For Many

June 20, 2013

Don’t be disappointed to find out that some of the car components found in a BMWs isn’t actually built by BMW.  It’s a common industry practice and almost any car out in the market has some parts of it built by a subcontractor. It’s a way to keep cost down and have room for flexibility.

Flex-N-Gate is one company that has had great success making car parts for car companies.  This firm manufactures metal and plastic components and assemblies for many car companies no just one. It may seem strange that one firm is supplying parts for various competitors but it’s been going on that way for ages.

Flex-N-Gate manufactures bumpers, hinges, interior panels, grilles, pillars, running boards, latches, parking brakes and pedal systems. That’s quite a lot of parts it manufactures. It makes these parts for the who’s who in the automotive industry the likes of Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Honda, General Motors, Toyota, and Volvo. Whether Japanese, American, or even German Flex-N-Gate has been supplying to car companies for years and has been able to meet the standards these firms have set.

The company is based in Urbana, Illinois. It was formed in 1956 and owned by Shahid Khan. While a privately owned company it’s by no means small. It employs 13,000 people and had revenue of $3.4 billion in 2011.

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