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OSI Group: Local Presence In A Global Scale

June 17, 2013

Almost everyone eats meat. With the world population in the billions that’s a lot of meat eaters. It also means a huge business for those in the meat industry.  It’s oversimplified of course. While there are many meat eaters there are also many meat producers and there are so many different markets in a country and in the world.

Trying to get as much of this market as humanly possible and be able to deliver the meat supply consistently and safe for human consumption is quite a task. One must have great entrepreneurial and management skills to do it.

One company has been very successful in the meat business and this company is the OSI Group.  It is one of the largest meat suppliers of meat products to US food service companies. OSI has been a long time supplier of beef to McDonalds, the number one fast food chain company.

The OSI Group has various operating companies and offers a wide range of beef, poultry, and pork products such as hot dogs, sausages, beef patties, chicken nuggets, and bacon. The company also provides packaging services, supply chain management, and contract manufacturing to other food processors. It has a global presence with over 50 product facilities in 17 countries.

Its huge size allows it to leverage its global supply chain which results in greater financial flexibility and costs savings.  Having a global presence with its partners being “locals” in their own communities, OSI has connections to entities who know the local market and how it should be approached.

The company traces its roots to a family meat market which opened over a hundred years ago in 1909 in Chicago, Illinois.  The firm now has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.  OSI prides itself in still being run like a small company despite its size. It has more than 19,000 employees and had revenue of $5.45 billion in 2011.  Despite its large size the OSI Group is still a privately held company.

Having been around for over 100 years OSI has hurdled many obstacles and now benefits from the huge market niche it has created.

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