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June 3, 2013

There are many consultancy practices out there. Only few have gone on to be as successful as the Boston Consulting Group.  The company is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston Consulting also has offices in different parts of the world.

The company was founded by Bruce D. Henderson. It was not a stand- alone company at the start but the Management and Consulting Division of Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company. Boston Safe was also a subsidiary of The Boston Company.

Boston Consulting began with two consultants in 1963 and its first month’s billing amounted to a mere $500. Not actually a grandiose start but Henderson felt confident of the company’s future. The following year the company began mailing concise, highly provocative essays designed to stimulate senior management thinking on a range of business issues.  These essays would be called Perspective and over the next forty years would become the vehicle for thinking that consistently challenged both classic economic concepts and prevailing business practices.

By 1970 Boston Consulting had 100 consultants and it opened its London office. In 1980 the company had 249 consultants under its payroll. This was also the year it began a long-term relationship with Boehringer Mannheim. The approach the partnership produced in the area of health care would become known as “disease management” which would have an impact on health care reform in the following decades.

Over the years Boston Consulting gained a high reputation. Today it is one of the world’s top-ranked consulting firms. Boston Consulting is present in 42 countries operating from 75 offices around the world with its 4,800 consultants. It has practices in the Americas, Asia/Pacific region and in Europe. Boston Consulting mainly caters to large corporate clients. It offers a broad range of services and its competence includes globalization, business strategy, leadership development, and branding and marketing.

From its origin as a division of a financial company, Boston Consulting is now owned by its employees.

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