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The Walsh Group: Over A Century And Going Strong

May 30, 2013

You must be doing something right if you’ve been in business for over a hundred years. For the Walsh Group it’s all about focus. The company was founded in 1898 by Mathew Myles Walsh and was into general building construction and is still in that business today. The Walsh family has been a very much focused and enterprising family as well; it is now in its fourth generation of leadership. The business is still family owned.

The company over the years has been structured to maximize business opportunities. Walsh Construction was incorporated in 1949 in Illinois to facilitate national expansion efforts. Archer Western was founded in 1983 with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and is served by seven regional offices nationwide. It is an open-shop contractor and an expert in many building, civil and transportation sectors. The Walsh Group acquired R&L Brosamer a California-based Heavy-Highway contractor in 2010.

With the above three subsidiaries the Walsh Group has more than $450 million in capital equipment and employs regularly 5,000 engineers and skilled tradesmen.  It may trace its history by over one hundred years but you can sure bet this company wants to be around for another hundred years.

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