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SunGard: Acquisition-Happy And It’s Working

May 16, 2013

SunGard Data System Inc. was actually a division of an oil company which was spun-off in 1982. This spin-off has been doing very well. It became a public company in 1986 then became a private company again in August 2005 in a LBO valued at $11.4 billion.

While other companies like to highlight the fact that their growth has been organic, SunGard’s strategy from the start has been to acquire companies with products that could be of use for it undertakings. Since 1986 it has done more than 160 acquisitions. Due to this it offers a wide range of selected best in class technology solutions to the entities it caters to.

SunGard has four divisions-Financial Systems, K-12 Education, Availability Services, and Public Sector. These divisions offer technology and infrastructure services, as well as software and processing solutions.

Just to show you how successful the company has become its Financial Systems business segment serves the 25 largest global financial services firms. Practically every leading financial services company in the world relies on SunGard’s data systems. In fact most of Nasdaq trades go through the company’s investment support systems.

There have been many stories of mergers and acquisitions that have gone awry due to different company cultures and other issues. SunGard is at home with acquisitions and has demonstrated it can structure its many businesses to meet overall company goals and objectives.

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