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The Oil Hunt

May 9, 2013

Hunting for oil has made men broke and broken men. A few have succeeded and squandered their sudden wealth. Some have been more calm and forward looking and have been able to properly manage the rush of wealth they suddenly acquired.

H.L. Hunt was one of those men who searched for liquid gold. He founded Hunt Oil Company on December 8, 1934. The company’s activities were mainly confined to the East Texas oil field. It managed to find oil and over the years grew significantly. Hunt Oil Company has been quite successful. The only continent it hadn’t searched for oil is Antarctica.

The men running the company were astute enough to diversify into other businesses.  The son of H.L.  Hunt, Ray L. Hunt is now leading the company as chairman, president and CEO. More specifically he is the head of Hunt Consolidated, Inc. which is the parent holding company.

There are two intermediate holding companies under the parent holding company. The first is Hunt Consolidated Energy, Inc. which is headed by Hunter L. Hunt who is the president and CEO. This entity oversees the energy and infrastructure activities.   The other intermediate holding company is Hunt Consolidated Investments, Inc. which is run by Christopher W. Kleinert. This entity takes care of real estate, investment, agribusiness operations and other new ventures.

As a private family owned company Hunt Consolidated does not have to worry about shareholders demanding more dividends. The main concern would be damaging internal family squabbles. So far that hasn’t happened and the company’s future looks very promising.

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