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Mansfield Oil: Managing The Petroleum Supply Chain

April 25, 2013

This company likes to stay in the background providing the necessary supply chain capabilities in the petroleum sector. It keeps gasoline flowing throughout the U.S.

Mansfield Oil began operations in 1957, since then this privately held company has grown to servicing all 50 states in the U.S. The firm was one of the first to help its client manage their petroleum supply chain. Mansfield now creates a profile of each of its clients based on various strategic objectives and of course based on fuel usage pattern. With the use of technology and aggregation of data, the company purchases fuel on behalf of all its clients.

Mansfield has thousands of commercial and industrial clients in all the U.S. states and services them from more than 900 service points. In the retail sector the company offers branded and unbranded fuel supply and services.

The firm also provides fuel supplies and services for more than 726 school districts, 546 counties, 326 cities, 693 state delivery locations and dozens of transit authorities throughout the U.S. Mansfield offers complete, end-to-end solutions for fuel procurement and management as well.

The company delivers more than 3 billion gallons of petroleum products, diesel exhaust fluid and biodiesel to its clients yearly.  The volume of fuel it moves shows just how huge this multibillion dollar company is.

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