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Moving The Physical Commodities

April 18, 2013

There are many Internet companies that are making heaps of money through advertising and other means. It’s a new world order in the Internet. While all of the news lately has to do with the Web, the old economy is still very much alive and perhaps a good portion of the world may not be alive if there are no companies that will move the traded goods from one location to another.

An area known to produce wheat has very little market in its own location.  The commodity has to be moved and traded to population centers or areas of manufacturing where it’s needed. One large company that still engages in type of essential activity is Lansing Trading, LLC. It is a commodity merchandising company largely focused on the movement of physical commodities.

The company merchandises whole grains, feed ingredients, energy products, freight and a host of other commodities across North America and globally.  The firm’s headquarters is in Overland Park, Kansas. It has 12 other North American offices and also has an office in Geneva, Switzerland.

The company was founded in 1920 by Lyle Marshall and Ray Myers.  They were two employed merchandisers who decided to strike out on their own.  They named their business Marshall-Myers Grain Company which was eventually acquired by another company. The Great Depression severely affected this company and Lyle and Ray acquired what remained of the company and renamed it Lansing Grain Company.

Today the firm trades more than 50 different agricultural commodities and commodity by-products.  Just to give an idea of the size of their operations, in 2011 the company traded enough wheat to make 8 billion pounds of bread, pastries and cookies.

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