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A Major Retailing Partner

April 4, 2013

For every retail grocery or convenience store out there, a wholesaler is usually behind it providing the majority of the needed goods. One company has made it big in the wholesale business and its over a hundred years old.

The company, H.T. Hackney started in 1891 delivering goods in East Tennessee. The firm moved with the times and engaged in a variety of businesses. Its original products was delivering seeds, feeds, fertilizer, coal, and even blasting powder. These were the products in demand then as the U.S. was very much into agricultural and primary goods production.

The company has been characterized as having gone into any business venture where it believed was good business and it was capable of handling. H.T Hackney was into groceries, candy manufacturing, flour milling, hotel management, insurance, coal and lumber, banking, automobile, and oil to name some of the businesses it dipped its fingers in.

Today H.T. Hackney is one of the largest wholesale distributors in the U.S. The firm does business with over 30,000 grocers, convenience store, and foodservice locations and handles over 25,000 products.  It has a distribution network that operates in 22 states located mostly east of the Mississippi.

Aside from its wholesale distribution empire the company owns bottled water maker Natural Springs Water Group and furniture manufacturers and wholesalers Holland House Furniture and H. Home. It is a privately held company currently owned by chairman and CEO Bill Sansom.

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