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A Farm, A Cow And A Dream

March 25, 2013

Dreams can lead to great things if we believe and work hard to make them come true.  This is exactly what Vasilio and Aphrodite Haseotes did. They bought a farm and cow in Cumberland, Rhode Island in 1939 and worked hard to make their dream come true.

From one cow it became two and eventually became a herd. They soon had their own dairy farm which produced over a thousand quarts of fresh milk a day. They didn’t stop there; always out to do something better their family opened the first Cumberland Farms store in 1955, in Bellingham, Massachusetts.  By 1960 there were Cumberland Farms “milk stores” opening up throughout the Northeast.

The business soon expanded with the stores offering more products like groceries, beverages, health and cosmetics in 1962. Cumberland Farms became the first true convenient store in New England.  The idea of adding more products for customer convenience continued. With changing customer needs the business also adjusted. In 1972 self-service gasoline pumps started appearing outside the stores.

In an attempt to vertically integrate to secure more products and steady supply Cumberland Farms began acquiring petroleum suppliers.  If there’s one thing about Cumberland Farms is the company always kept up-to-day with the latest and trends. It revamped store designs and introduced its Chill Zone products which became popular.

The company continues to grow and change itself with the changing times.  It offers state-of-the art shopping experience providing beverages, snacks and freshly prepared sandwiches.  In 1986 the company bought all of Gulf Oil’s gas stations and trademark in the Northeast.  It sells close to 3 million gallons of Chill Zone every year. Cumberland Farms sell 20 million cups of coffee annually. The company has around 600 stores in 11 states and employs more than 6,000 individuals.

The firm operates its own grocery distribution and bakery operations to supply its stores. It owns a two-thirds limited partnership in petroleum wholesaler Gulf Oil LP, giving it the right to use and license Gulf trademarks in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, most of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the New England states.

The dream has come a very very long way and descendants of Vasilio and Aphrodite still own the company.

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