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VWR: For All Your Laboratory Needs

March 21, 2013

If you’ve ever wondered where all the laboratory equipments and supplies came from in your university or company, chances are they may have come from VWR Funding. It may sound like a funny name for a laboratory supplier but all the work is done by its main subsidiary VWR International LLC.

This subsidiary is based in Radnor, Pennsylvania. The general public may not know this company too well but it is a global laboratory supply and distribution firm. In 2012, global sales were over $4.1 billion.

VWR helps the world’s vital researches keep going through its delivery of a highly broad range product line to a majority of the world’s leading firms in the biotech, educational, governmental, industrial, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. This firm has a well established distribution network that enables it to service thousands of leading edge laboratories and facilities all around the world.  VWR employs more than 8,000 people around the globe working to simplify the method by which researchers all over, Asia, Europe and North America stock and maintain their laboratories.  The firm also provides its client with onsite services, product procurement, technical services, storeroom management and supply chain systems integration.

VWR operates in around 25 countries. VWR Funding is portfolio company of private equity firm Madison Dearborn Partners.

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