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What Two Brothers Built

March 14, 2013

In 1928 two brothers surnamed Erikson started a company that is known today as Holiday Companies. It operates a subsidiary, Holiday Stationstores. This subsidiary has presence in 10 states. It owns more than 300 gasoline stations and convenience stores across the northern U.S. The firm also has more than 100 Holiday Stationstores that are franchised.

The company owned stores are found in Alaska, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, and Idaho.  Store that are franchised are found in North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Aside from selling gasoline and fuels the stores also offers frozen beverage, fountain/beverage products, flavor shots, cappuccino ingredients, bakery products, hot snacks/miscellaneous products, pizzas, roller grills/steamers, sandwiches and salads.  Holiday Stationstores basically offers that same formula of gas and convenience stores.  Unlike some companies, it has managed to run a successful operation which has also seen periods of growth and expansions.

Holiday Companies has diversified as well. The firm has real estate holdings as well as owning Cellresin Technologies, a technology company.   It is currently run by another Erickson named Ronald. Holiday Companies is still privately owned and controlled by the Erickson family.

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