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Marketing And Distribution Expert

February 11, 2013

Some say marketing is an art others say it’s a science. It’s probably a combination of both. Behind the successful marketing and selling of products there must be a reliable distribution system in place so that the goods can be delivered in the state and condition that it was advertised in. The delivery of the products must also be on time.

In the marketing, storage and distribution of petroleum products one company that has excelled in this sector is Apex Oil Company, Inc.  The refined products that it can provide its customers wholesale include diesel fuel, gasoline, fuel oil, kerosene, heavy oil, marine bunker, and asphalt.

The company has been in business for around 80 years having been founded in 1932. It has more than twenty terminals mostly located in the Gulf Coast and East Coast, the Midwest and California. Abroad, the company operates in Monaco.

Among the company’s subsidiary are Apex Towing, a tug boat and barge enterprise; Petroleum Fuel and Terminal, a storage and truck rack business; Enjet which is into oil and carbon black marketing; and Clark Oil Trading.  A business diversified from its petroleum products distribution is Trinidad Resort and Club in Bellaire, Michigan which operates Shanty Creek Resorts.

While Apex Oil Company is based in Clayton, Missouri its subsidiary Enjet Oil has headquarters in Houston Texas.  This company specifically specializes in the worldwide marketing, blending and storage of carbon black feedstock oils, fuel oils, refinery feedstocks, and bunker fuel.  The Enject Business Lines include Carbon Black Oil Feedstocks, High/Low Sulfur #6 Fuel Oil, Bunker Fuel, Vacuum Gas Oil-Refinery Feedstocks, Fuel Oil Bend Components, Technology Services, Tank Farm Management, and Natural Gas.

This subsidiary’s storage capacity is quite impressive and it did not have to invest in capital spending as it leases the facilities. Among them is the Petroleum Fuel & Terminal Co. in Mt. Airy, Louisiana, which has 1 million barrels heavy fuel storage capacity; CBO aggregation/blending; and VGO aggregation/blending.

Heading this highly successful multibillion dollar company is CEO Tony Novelly who is also the controlling owner.

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