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Distributing For Over 120 Years

February 4, 2013

Distribution is not just about moving goods from point A to point B. There is a partnership involved since a retailer will trust the distributor to deliver the goods when they need them. The same is true for the supplier who wants to make sure their products can be distributed in the market.

One company that has been in the distribution business for a very long time is Eby-Brown. It has been doing this for over 120 years. The company boasts of being the largest privately owned distributor in the U.S. Through the years it has been a leading convenience store supplier and wholesale food distributor of tobacco, candy and convenience products.

While a privately owned company it has undergone ownership changes. Over the last 55 years this company has been owned by the Wake family with Dick and Tom Wake providing the leadership and making the company grow bigger and have more profits.  Under the ownership and leadership of the Wake’s Eby-Brown has become a multibillion dollar company.  Annual sales are around $4.5 billion. The company has 7 distribution centers and serves approximately 13,500 retail locations. It has 1.4 million square feet of warehouse space and has 2,000 employees.

While over a century old the company has kept up with modern times and has been a leading distributor by applying the latest technology available in the distribution sector. The firm offers its retail clients internet-based software programs that give the needed information allowing clients to optimize sales and customer satisfaction.

The Eby Toolbox is on demand technology at the client’s fingertips. It is loaded with programs that assist clients buy better, sell more and manage their business more effectively.  Among the programs are: Category Analyzer, Cigarette Replenishment, Information Manager, Pricebook Manager, Daily Tracker, Invoice Viewer and others.

Eby-Brown provides its retailers with marketing solutions and customer service contacts.

The company also looks to service its suppliers with more than just delivering goods providing technology and marketing solutions to them.

Eby-Brown may be over 120 years old but it is not stuck in old ways and has kept abreast of the latest information and trends in its sector.

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