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WEI Mortgage Corporation’s Distinct Home Loan and Refinancing Pathways

January 30, 2013

WEI Mortgage Corporation (WEI) was established in 2002 as a mortgage firm that primarily originated and serviced home loans. Under the leadership of President Wesley Yuan, the company has since developed a significant market presence as a direct mortgage lender. For the past 10 years, WEI has worked with a number of vendors in originating, underwriting, and approving home loans. Based in Rockville and licensed in nearly 40 states nationwide, the company has earned Maryland recognition as a model enterprise in the lending industry.

WEI Mortgage Corporation’s experienced loan officers place a premium on efficiency in working with clients to identify the loan vehicles most suitable for them. The firm offers competitive jumbo fixed rate and high-balance agency products, as well as reverse mortgages. All home loan applicants are provided with good faith estimates early in the lending process. This gives them an accurate idea of the likely closing or settlement terms and avoids unexpected costs. The result of this transparent, customer-friendly process is that most WEI business comes from past customer referrals.

WEI also works closely with clients seeking to refinance homes in order to achieve lower interest rates, and to draw cash from properties that have appreciated in value. The firm consults in-depth with clients and next engages with lenders to find products that offer maximum value, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

WEI was honored in 2010 by earning the prestigious Quality Lender Award from a leading institutional investment firm. The firm maintains a close community connection and has assisted young students in language learning, which earned it a Hope Schools Community Initiative award.

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