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Less- Than- Truck- Load

January 10, 2013

LTL (less-than-truckload) is the business model that has been used successful by Dot Foods to distribute its goods. So how successful has the company been? Well it is now the largest food redistributor in the U.S. The firm states that this approach is a win-win situation for everyone in the food supply chain. The company can deliver the goods at sizes that are right for its customers.  Dot Food now has over 105,500 products that it is able to deliver to distributors in all 50 states.

Robert Tracy (RT) founded the company in 1960. It was previously called Dot Associated Dairy Products Company, Inc. The name was changed to Dot Foods, Inc. in 1981 reflecting that the company was not confined to dairy products. Dot Foods offers a range of dry, frozen, refrigerated and non-food products. The firm sells and delivers food service, ingredients, retail, convenience and vending products; and equipment and supplies in less than truckload quantities to distributors.

Dot Foods is based in Mt. Sterling, Illinois and has distribution centers in Ardmore, Oklahoma; Liverpool, New York; Williamsport, Maryland; Cambridge City, Indiana; Burley, Idaho; Vidalia, Georgia; and Modesto, California.

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