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Oxbox: Energy Commodities

January 7, 2013

While traditional sources of energy have been taking a bad rap for what seems like the longest of time, the fact of the matter is we still need them.  The U.S. and world economy would come to a standstill if we didn’t use them.  One company that’s into the production and distribution of traditional energy sources is Oxbox Corporation which was founded in 1983 by current CEO William Koch.  William Koch aside from being an accomplished businessman also has impressive academic credentials; He received a bachelor’s degree of science, masters and doctoral degree in chemical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Oxbox Corporation is a diversified firm and its Oxbox Carbon unit markets and distributes carbon products, petroleum, coke, coal and other commodities to industrial manufacturers, refiners and power producers. The company is the world’s largest marketer of petroleum coke which is utilized in cement kiln, sugar mills, aluminum manufacturing and power generation. Other products the company trades include activated carbon, gypsum, and anthracite.  Oxbox Carbon has annual sales of over $4 billion and has offices in more than 40 countries.  The company also owns and operates one of the most productive underground coal mines in the U.S. located in Colorado which produces close to 5 million tons of compliant coal annually.

Among the services the company offers is fuel supply. Oxbox runs one of the most diversified solid fuel portfolios in the world. Over 10 million metric tons of petroleum coke and 8 million metric tons of steam coal are supplied by vessel, rail, barge and truck to customers all over the U.S. and more than 35 countries each year.  Other services include terminals, transportation and logistics, chartering and operations, coal processing, mining and other materials.

Oxbox has profitably positioned itself as a source and distributor of energy commodities that remain integral to the world economy. While we have high hopes for various alternative energy sources it looks like Oxbox will be doing business for quite some time still.


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