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Distributing Paper And More

December 20, 2012

Before going independent Unisource Worldwide, Inc. was part of Alco Standard. It was formed in 1968 as a distribution company.  Unisource split from Alco Standard in 1996. On its own Unisource acquired a number of local and regional distribution companies in North America. These acquisitions were mainly responsible for its rapid growth.

In a turn of events Unisource itself was acquired by Georgia-Pacific Corporation in 1999. Georgia-Pacific in turn is now owned by Koch Industries.  This wasn’t the end of it as far as ownership was concerned. Bain Capital bought into Unisource and gained 60 percent ownership while Georgia-Pacific retained 40 percent.

All these ownership changes as a whole did not negatively affect Unisource. The company which has headquarters in Norcross (near Atlanta), Georgia has grown over the years. Today the firm is one of the biggest independent distributors of paper products and related supplies. Unisource has 85 distribution centers in the U.S. and Canada.

The product is provides includes commercial printing and business imaging paper, and specialty paper products. Having logistical capabilities the company also distributes packaging and cleaning supplies as well as some equipment. Unisource also has a retail store division called PaperPlus offering similar paper selections and digital printing services.

Unisource is one firm that has successfully split from its parent company and has prospered on its own.

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