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Electronics Galore

December 13, 2012

If you’re into electronics one store you should check out is Fry’s Electronics. This company has headquarters in San Jose, California and has around 35 stores in 10 states.  This electronics wonderland store was founded in 1985 by brothers John Fry (CEO), William Fry (President), David Fry (CFO and CIO), and Kathy Kolder (VP).

A techno enthusiast can actually get buried in the products the stores have to offer.  This includes: PC Computers, Apple Computers, Notebooks & Netbooks, Tablets & MP3, PC Components, Electronic Components, Mobile & Telecommunications, and much more.  There are also categories under the mentioned headings.  For Mobile & Telecommunications for example the categories include: Cordless Phones-Single Handset, Cordless Phones-Four or More Handsets, Cordless Phones-Assisted Living, and so on. Aside from mobile phones like an iPhone 5 they also sell accessories.

The list goes on and on.  There are the appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and other small appliances. The typical store also has a variety of snacks and impulse items. So you won’t go hungry in any of these stores.

This huge store chain has grown and prospered for over 25 years now with the brothers still owning the company.

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