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Ronald McDonald’s Partner

December 10, 2012

When we go to a McDonald’s restaurant the burgers and the drinks are always there. What we don’t think about as we eat our burgers is how all the food gets to the restaurant and how the supply just keeps coming allowing the thousands of restaurants to operate seven days a week.  McDonald’s doesn’t actually do it on its own, it looks to suppliers to bring in the food and other services it needs. One of its major suppliers is Golden State Foods (GSF).

Among the products it supplies are beef patties, buns, ketchup, and mayonnaise. It also supplies the Big Mac sauce which the company helped formulate. GSF not only supplies to McDonald’s but to other restaurants as well. The company services more than 20,000 restaurants in three continents from around 30 distribution centers.

The core businesses of GSF are: processing and distribution of liquid products, meat products, produce, bakery, and other services.  It looks to provide the total supply chain process with its array of networked solutions.

While the company now runs a very sophisticated operation it started as a small meat company in the Los Angeles area providing products to local restaurants and hotels. The big break came when the company partnered with a then promising McDonald’s Corp. in the 1950s. The partnership paved the way for GSF to become a major player in the food processing and distribution industries.

GSF now serves more than 50 customers all over the world including Zaxby’s, Popeyes and Yum! Brands in specific regions. The company is still one of the largest full-time service providers to McDonalds.  GSF is McDonald’s largest supplier of liquid products, its second largest distributor and its third largest beef supplier in the U.S.

The company’s corporate headquarters is located in Irvine, California. The late William Moore founded the company. Mark Wetterau is the chairman and CEO of GSF. An investment group he leads, Wetterau Associates controls GSF.

GSF operates the GSF Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that aids local charitable groups who are focused on helping needy children and families.

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