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The Company That’s Everywhere

November 19, 2012

Momentive is a company whose products are practically everywhere but the company itself is almost invisible. You won’t see its logo on a product that has Momentive’s science in it.  They produce products that require a lot of science and technology and are used by other companies to manufacture their own products.

Momentive was born through the combination of the parent holding companies of Momentive Performance Materials Inc. and Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. (formerly known as Hexion Specialty Chemicals Inc.) in October 2010.  The fundamental parent company of Momentive Performance Materials Inc and Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc is Momentive Performance Materials Holdings LLC. Investment funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management LLC control Momentive.

The company is world leader in materials and specialty chemicals. It has a wide range of advanced specialty products that help industrial and consumer companies improve the standard of living of everyone.

Momentive’s products are used in around 25 different industries.  In the agricultural industry for example the company supplies the building-block chemicals for many of the fertilizers and crop-protection products in use today.  While biological fertilizer is often mention it has not had the same large scale impact that commercial fertilizers currently have which help sustain today’s level of food output to feed the world.

In the automotive industry Momentive’s products have a wide range of applications that’s helping power innovation. It’s products include: industry-leading friction resins for better-wearing brake linings and pads; coatings that improve clarity and useful life of headlight lenses; elastomers and molding compounds for underhood parts that combine high strength with light weight for increased fuel efficiency; and many more cutting-edge products.

In the solar energy industry the company’s products help increase cell efficiency and extend the life of solar panels at the same time lowering production costs and shortening lead times.  Among its products are: a broad array of high-adhering silicone adhesives for the high reliability needs of solar field applications; thermally-stable, long-life Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) crucibles, heaters and coating for high-volume production of copper indium gallium selenide(CIGS) solar cells; and other products.

These are but a few of the industries where Momentive products can be found. Given its wide market it’s no surprise that proforma sales reached $7.8 billion in 2011. The company has around 90 manufacturing facilities and more than 10,000 employees serving around 11,000 customers.

Momentive’s global headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio.

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