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Leib Tropper’s Educational Approach at Kol Yaakov Torah Center

October 23, 2012

Leib Tropper has guided Kol Yaakov Torah Center in Monsey, New York, as Rosh Yeshiva since 1981. With several years of experience as a baalei teshuva instructor behind him in Israel, Rabbi Tropper returned to his native New York in the 1970s to take responsibilities as Educational Director of Ohr Sameach. This nascent yeshiva maintained locations in Monsey and Yonkers at the time.

Rabbi Leib Tropper established Kol Yaakov Torah Center in collaboration with Rabbi Avrohom Gershon Tress. The school, incorporating chinuch and hashkafa of his mentor Rosh Yeshiva Harav Scheinberg, focused from the start on providing a mainstreamed environment in which baalei teshuva could reach their potential as B’nei Torah.

With the Kol Yaakov Torah Center gaining accreditation from the Association of Advanced Rabbinical and Talmudic Schools, Rabbi Tropper focused on expanding the yeshiva’s mandate in the early 1990s. Through the Horizons program, he notably reached out to students who were unfamiliar with a lifestyle that emphasized daily Torah studies.


Daily Studies from Rabbi Tropper’s Vimeo.


Throughout the past three decades, Rabbi Leib Tropper has consistently focused on helping young adults develop an outlook grounded in a Judaic worldview. In particular, the traditional talmudic scholarship Rabbi Leib Tropper instills places emphasis on understanding what constitutes the moral and the ethical.

Rabbi Tropper’s educational approach has its roots in early experiences he had in Israel, studying at Yeshiva Torah Ore under Rosh Yeshiva Harav Scheinberg. Encouraged to explore complex Talmudic concepts, he wrote in-depth interpretations of the Tractate Bava Basra and the Tractate Kesubot in his mid teens. These journal-published pieces led to discussions with well established figures in the rabbinical world. Rabbi Leib Tropper encourages students to engage in a similar process of exploring Jewish traditions and developing meaningful scholarly interpretations that relate to the real world.

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