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Avaya: Helping The Corporate World Connect

October 18, 2012

We need to connect but it must be done in an organized manner. Management later on came to realize the putting a phone on the desk of a manager or personnel was not enough to have efficient and effective communication within a company and with the company’s client. There must be a unifying system in place so that communication flow follows an orderly manner and the desired outcome is reached.

Avaya is one of the major companies that are helping the corporate world and everyone else connect. It provides the right communication solutions from hardware to software for the unique needs of a company.  Avaya is able to handle the needs of businesses whether it’s 10 persons or 100,000. Its clients include large corporation, government agencies and small businesses.

Avaya itself is a story of a business organization with uniqueness and focus. The company that is today Avaya was actually part of AT&T. In 1995 it was part of Lucent Technologies.  This was the enterprise communication group at Lucent and it was spun off in 2000 to allow the group to grow to its full potential.

The company was floated in the New York Stock Exchange on October 2, 2000. As was intended Avaya became a global player in the communications arena known for its innovative solutions.

In another ownership twist the company was taken private in October 2007 by Silver Lake and TPG Capital.  Just the same the company has not lost its focus and continues with its performance as an effective and innovative technology company.

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