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Providing The Needed Workforce

September 13, 2012

Before, companies did all the recruiting and staffing work on their own and many still do.  There are companies now that can do this kind of work for other companies who are in need of new employees.  Staffing and recruiting companies do make a lot of sense. Since they make a living out of it they are experts at hiring people and know where and how to get the needed talent.  They can also provide the staffing needs more quickly because they have a ready pool of talent they can tap when needed.

If a company is not good at providing the staffing needs of other companies like any business it will close down due to lack of customers.  Allegis Group certainly does not fit in that category.  Since its founding in 1983 it has grown to become one of the largest staffing and recruiting firms in the world.  Allegis has over 300 offices in North America and Europe.  The company boasts of 8,000 internal employees and 90,000 contract employees working with different customers all over the world.

Company chairman Jim Davis and Stephen Bisciotti founded the company (known then as Aerotek) to provide contract engineering personnel to two customers in the aerospace industry. This has since grown to become Allegis Group which includes other companies that cater to different industries.

The individual companies are Aerotek, TEKsystems, Stephen James, Allegis Group Services, MarketSource, and Major, Lindsey & Africa.  Allegis Group is based in Hanover, Maryland and is a $5.6 billion business.

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