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Excelling In Wine And Spirits Distribution

August 30, 2012

Distributing alcohol used to be big business for the underworld. It could get very ugly too with people getting rubbed out if there was a turf war. That’s all over now and if there’s any new turf to be conquered its usually through acquisition or perhaps a joint venture undertaking.

The Charmer Sunbelt Group has excelled in this business by doing well in its own market, expanding, buying other companies, or forming joint ventures.  It is today one of the biggest distributors of fine wine, beer, and spirits. The area it covers includes more than twelve states like New York and the District of Columbia.

The company serves as the link between the suppliers or producers of the beverages and the retailers. It operates through 10 subsidiaries and eight joint ventures employing around 7,000 individuals. This is a privately held company.

The moving force behind this company is the Merinoff/Drucker family.  Charles Merinoff Sr. founded Blue Crest Wine & Spirits Corp. in Brooklyn, New York in 1944.  The company changed its name to Charmer Industries in 1966.  Through expansion and acquisitions Charmer grew.

In 1994 the Merinoff/Drucker family bought a controlling interest in the Sunbelt Beverage Corporation. Sunbelt had its own interesting history having started out as Mckesson Wine and Spirits which began its wine and spirits distribution right after the repeal of prohibition in 1934. The Merinoff/Drucker family bought the last outstanding shares in 1997. The Charmer Sunbelt Group was officially started in 1998 with its headquarters in New York.

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