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Fuel And Other Offerings

July 30, 2012

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores is based in Oklahoma City. It has around 280 stores located in 39 states. The company has combination gasoline, food, and convenience stores primarily catering to professional drivers with their huge trucks and recreational travelers or anyone else who happens to drop by. Considering the car or driving culture of America they have found a niche for those who need gas and other items while on the go.

The business did not start out this way but new products were offered as time passed by. It began in 1964 when Tom and Judy Love began Musket Corporation and leased an abandoned gasoline station in Watonga, Oklahoma and opened it as a self-service gasoline station. In a few years they had 40 gasoline stations.

While the Arab embargo caused a headache for everyone, for the Love couple, it bought them customer loyalty. The company sourced gasoline in every way possible including buying retail from other dealers so that they could keep their pumps operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  A disturbance was turned into a business advantage.

Diversifying, the company opened a combination convenience store and self-service gasoline station in 1972. This concept new then, was a hit. All their gasoline stations were then converted with convenience stores.  In 1973 a new name was created, Love’s Country Store.

Food became a new offering in 1978 with Fresh Daily Deli. This was on-location made fresh sandwiches.  The company now offered three products to customers, fuel, convenience store, and food service. At the other side of the coin, the company now had three sources of income.

The initial Love’s Travel Shop was opened in 1981 in Amarillo, Texas.  What was new here was offering self-service diesel fuel which brought in another set of travelers, the professional drivers with their huge trucks.

In the 1990s the company brought in branded food like Taco Bell Express, Grandy’s and Pizza Hut to its various locations.  The company stated installing debit and credit cards in its fuel pumps.  It changed its name to Love’s Travel Shops and Country Stores, Inc. in 2001.

This company successfully started with fuel and then added new products and services over the decades.  In 2010 it had revenues of $ 17 billion with around 8,000 employees.


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