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Argent Associates: A Company To Watch

July 19, 2012

Argent Associates Inc. is a certified minority-and female-owned company. It was founded by Beatriz (Betty) Manetta in 1998. The company offers supply-chain management and IT services to the government, enterprises and the telecommunications sector.

What gives this supply-chain solutions company an edge is it also provides IT services. This has to do with the fact that Betty has brought to the company more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. She also has more than 10 years experience working internationally.  Betty services as President and CEO.

As a further strengthening of the company’s IT expertise, Ramon (Ray) Moya joined Argent Associates in 2003 as co owner and Vice President of Technology and Chief Operating Officer. He has been responsible for growing the network security business.

The company  offers supply chain solutions, like supply chain management, transportation management, staging and integration, and end-of-life cycle green solutions.  Argent Associates offers SeeControls M2M platform that allows users to track and authenticate unique identifiers across the global supply chain as part of its business solutions.  Other services it offers is ColdChain which monitors the temperature of perishables in transit.  It also has a call center service and additional services offered by it customer service center includes market surveys and overflow and after hours support.

The company has warehousing, manufacturing, and staging facilities in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, New York, California and Illinois.  With its services and locations this company is poised to expand even further and becoming a much bigger entity in the years to come.

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