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Ellen Scharaga and OncoMed Pharmaceutical Services: Spearheading Innovations in Patient Care

July 18, 2012

Under the skilled direction of Senior Vice President of Operations Ellen Scharaga, OncoMed Pharmaceutical Services utilizes a cutting-edge business model to provide timely support across multiple platforms, standing apart from the competition thanks to an industry-leading outlook on integrated care. A specialized bio-oncology pharmacy located in Great Neck, New York, OncoMed manages all facets of medication preparation and delivery and offers 24-7 consultation to both patients and physicians, channeling additional resources toward its unmatched insurance reimbursement program.

Holding her staff to unsurpassed standards of excellence, Ellen Scharaga oversees OncoMed’s daily pharmacy operations and facilitates a wide array of administrative activities to ensure that patients quickly receive the specific medication prescribed by their physician at a minimal out-of-pocket cost. Ms. Scharaga’s hands-on approach also extends to OncoMed’s managed care organization and drug manufacturer partners, enterprises that depend on the pharmacy to monitor issues such as doctor authorizations, adherence to coverage stipulations, and compliance with formulary protocols.

Attention to detail boasts distinction as the key to success for Ellen Scharaga and the pharmaceutical staff at OncoMed. To this end, compounding and mixing of medications takes place in a Class 100 clean room environment, each dose undergoing a six-point assessment conducted by a pharmacist or equally knowledgeable technician. With all completed orders dispensed in temperature sensitive, clearly labeled containers, OncoMed can also coordinate and refer doctor requests for supplemental testing in genomic and molecular diagnostics, extending this provision through network affiliate Ygenex.

With almost 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, Ellen Scharaga understands that treatment is a fully collaborative process. For this reason, Ms. Scharaga and her team risk stratify patients according to an in-depth nursing assessment, leveraging information gleaned from one-on-one interviews to predict follow-up care needs and potential problems with medication side effects.

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