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The Nightlife Experts

July 16, 2012

Big Night Entertainment Group (BNEG) aptly describes the kind of business this company is in. You want your night to be entertaining and this is what the group does. Yet putting up a great dining and nightlife experience is not that simple.  The people who create the dining and nightclub components that will make people like it require a certain kind of chemistry which the owners of this company have been able to produce.

Perhaps the biggest reason why this company has had a string of success with the establishments that they have opened is because the owners, Ed Kane and Joe Kane are not neophytes but veteran nightclub owners. The company also has another owner who is a marketing and entertaining expert in Randy Greenstein.

The combination of the trio has produced successfully run nightclubs. Their expertise as an entity was first tapped in 2006.  A company called the Lyons Group asked BNEG to partner and manage The Estate in Boston.  Since its inception the Estate has been voted “Best of Boston”.   It has been described as massive, with an interior like “Gone with the Wind” combined with Roxy.

BNEG then opened Shrine Kitchen Lounge and Nightclub in MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Connecticut.  They have managed to create a hybrid of dining and entertainment destination.  The nightclub is popular and considered one of the best in the world.

Repeat partners are an indication of success.  BNEG was again contacted by Foxwoods to open another venue on their property and The Scorpion Bar was born. The club is described as a dark tequila cantina and rock bar with a gothic theme.  The place has live bands, scorpion dancers, more than 100 tequilas choices, and rock DJs.

Capitalizing on their success BNEG then opened in 2010 High Rollers Luxury Lanes and Lounge at Foxwoods. The establishment has 20 bowling lanes, private rooms, two bars, and other amenities. In 2011 the company opened Red Lantern Restaurant and Lounge in Boston, Massachusetts which was again another hit.

There are many nightclubs and food establishments that close down. It’s not only capital but knowing where to open, how the place should be laid out and what food to serve. BNEG has the knowhow of running successful nightclub joints.

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