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New Age Luxury Home Products Retailer

July 12, 2012

The days of going to a retail store stocked with home products are still here. You can still personally feel the beds and beddings, touch the crystal glasses, and actually hear the chimes of the grandfather clock. Nothing beats seeing the merchandise in person and knowing how it actually looks like.

With the pervasiveness of the internet it didn’t take long for someone to offer all these home product items online. Yankee Retail Company was founded in 2000 in Franklin, Connecticut. The company is an authorized retailer which sells luxury branded bedding, curtains and draperies, dinnerware, crystal, furniture and other items all online.

So if you don’t want to spend the long drive to a store or there’s no store in your area, then this give you the best alternative to shopping. It’s all online and there are so call “Stores” which are actually websites catering to specific products. The “Stores” include The Home Decorating Company which sells home products like beddings, window treatments, bathroom collections and fabrics. Some of the well-known brands include Waterford Bedding and Tommy Hilfiger.

Other “Stores” include The Crystal Company, The Beds Company, The Baby Bedding Company, The Cribs Company, The Water Fountains Company, and others. These are all online websites where you can order your products. They contain high quality pictures so you can get a very good idea of how the products look in person. If you need further clarifications you can call their customer service.

Another example of how the internet can be used to create a business.

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