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Specific Management With Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy

July 9, 2012

Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy is the largest independent pharmacy in terms of sales, staffing, and services offered.  What the pharmacy provides is disease-specific management programs for patients who have chronic or serious conditions.  The specialized specific management approach makes it a unique kind of pharmacy.

Instead of merely providing medications prescribed by a physician, the company offers a more active role in assisting patients attain and keep good health.  The company provides a team to achieve this. This team comprises a personal patient care coordinator, a billing specialist and a registered pharmacist.  This approach according to the company enables its patient to adhere to 90% of their medications as compared to the national average of 50-70% for chronic medication. The pharmacy also helps it patients obtain financial assistance to purchase critical drugs.

The company was the fourth store in a small pharmacy chain called Ideal Pharmacy owned by Dale Hagerman and some partners. In 1975 Dale traded his stocks for the small pharmacy chain so he could acquire the fourth store. This store was the beginning of Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy.

Later that year his son Phil Hagerman joined the family business. Phil became the president of the company in 1991. To further grow the business Jeff Rowe and Steve Chaffee came in as partners 2004.  This form of private ownership is maintained today.

Diplomat has grown significantly. In December 2010 the company moved its corporate headquarters to what was once the GM Great Lakes Technology Center in Flint, Michigan. This new facility now houses among others a highly advanced specialty pharmacy compounding laboratory to serve the entire U.S., a sophisticated distribution hub to administer the nationwide network, and a high technology software development and data center.

Some of the personalized medication programs and services include bio-identical hormone therapy, compounding services, fertility drugs, and HIV/AIDS medications. It has dialysis centers in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio.  The company CEO is Philip Hagerman.

Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy has created its own brand of service which it is now well-known for.

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