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CDW: Providing IT Products And Solutions

July 5, 2012

Your company may be embarking in upgrading its IT infrastructure or just starting out to buy needed computers and other systems. How is your IT head or whoever is in charge going to do it? It may start canvassing from different vendors.

Your company can also go to CDW. It can help a company’s IT department with needed technology while at the same time taking cost considerations. The advantage that CDW has is it does not only carry one brand but many. Whether it’s Apple computers that you need or PC, they carry the brand. In this approach they can get the merchandise that is best for you without only having say Apple or only HP products to offer.

The company has solution architects that can design and customize solutions for your needs. It also has the expertise in implementation as well as long term management of the solution. Depending on your needs it can provide the necessary hardware, software, and solutions without being stuck to one brand.

The company had very humble beginnings. Michael Krasney was 28 years old in 1982. He had tried different business openings without success. At the end of the rope he placed an ad to sell his own personal computer. Then he realized that others were interested in technology items too. He saw the enormous potential of the computing industry. CDW was then among the first to sell computers directly to customers.

Today the company offers products and services to the private and public sector (including the federal, state and local governments, and higher education).  In 2011 it had 6,200 employees with revenues of $.8.8 billion. The company was officially founded in 1984 and is today owned by private equity firms Madison Dearborn Partners and Providence Equity Partners.

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