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Berry Plastics: Producing Needed Products

June 25, 2012

Plastic has been taking a bad rap for so many years now.  It does cause pollution and the fact that some forms of it will take much longer than the pyramids of Egypt to break down adds to the problem. Many want plastic banished.

That is easy to say but hard to do. So many of the things we have at home or in the office or practically anywhere else is made of plastic. The keyboard in your computer is made of plastic, parts of your car are made of plastic. Even in agriculture plastic is used. The green houses may be made of plastic as well as irrigation pipes. The list goes on.

So plastics are not going away any time soon. Given the global concern about it plastic companies are also improving their products lest they may someday become irrelevant.

By its very name, Berry Plastics Corporation, you know what kind of business this company is into.  It is one of the dominant plastic manufacturers and sellers in the world. Berry Plastics produces injection-molded plastic products. This includes bottles, tubes and prescription containers, tapes, plastic sheetings, and house wares.  The markets it serves are personal care, health care, food and beverage, aerospace, the automotive industry and others.

The company had revenues of $4.561 billion in 2011 with 16,000 employees. It has around 85 manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Berry Plastics also has broad distribution capabilities.

The company was founded in 1967 as Imperial Plastics. Then in 1983 a Florida-based citrus grower and real estate developer by the name of Jack Berry, Sr. bought the company and changed the name to Berry Plastics.  The company has grown over the years through organic growth and has also been very active in acquiring companies and continues to do so.  In 2006 the company was acquired itself by an investment group and with the management team of Berry Plastics being major investors themselves.

Berry Plastics is also making efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, save energy, and produce more eco-friendly products. It aims to keep its position as a major plastics manufacturer.

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