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Mars Makes The Most Out Of Chocolate

June 7, 2012

If there’s a company that makes the most out of chocolate then it must be Mars Incorporated.  In 2010 its sales topped $30 billion dollars and currently it employs around 70,000 individuals in 71 countries. While chocolate is not the only product it sells it’s what made it possible.

Perhaps more precisely a man by the name of Frank C. Mars had made the most of the opportunity given to him in life. He was born in 1882 but had polio preventing him from going to school. Fortunately his mother taught him his lessons at home in their kitchen and he was also taught how to hand tip chocolate.

Polio may have set back many people but did not stop from Frank from excelling. At age 19 he was selling Taylor’s Molasses Chips in Minnesota.  He started the Mars Candy Factory in 1911 in Tacoma, Washington, which later closed shop.

Like polio this did not stop him from trying again. In 1920 he opened Mars-O-Bar Co. in his native Minnesota.  The year 1923 saw the introduction of the Milky Way candy bar sold as “A Chocolate Malted Milk in a candy bar”. It was an instant hit. Mars, Incorporated moved to Chicago, Illinois in 1929 to take advantage of a better location for its booming business.

Forrest E. Mars, Sr., Franks only son (from his first wife) started Mars Limited in 1932 in England. Frank Mars died in 1934. In 1960 Forrest, Sr. bought the business of his father and combined it with his to complete Mars, Incorporated.

This multi-billion company is still family owned founded by a man who made the most out of chocolate and what he had.

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