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Ori Tal and ESO Equity Group’s Property-enhancement Focused Development Approach

May 31, 2012

Headquartered in Cocoa Beach, Florida, since 2005, the ESO Equity Group has led the acquisition, restoration, management, and sale of more than 1 million square feet in residential and commercial space. The firm has notably engaged in the conversion of more than 700 condominium units, adding significant value to each property handled. In certain cases, occupancy rates have been increased from just 20 percent to more than 80 percent within a period of 2 years.

ESO Equity Group functions as a holding company, providing the financial and legal structure for diverse and discrete projects. Owner and CEO Ori Tal closely manages all aspects of the firm, including real estate transactions, creation of investment partnerships, and rental community exterior and interior improvements.

One of ESO Equity Group’s recent transactions involves the purchase of Fairway Apartments in Daytona beach. Nestled on a golf course adjacent to a condominium complex, the completely renovated apartments each feature two bedrooms and two baths. The 24-unit property benefits from a new on-site laundry and is fully leased and stabilized, with 90 percent occupancy rates.

Mr. Tal’s firm also completed the major renovation and build-out of the former Galleria in Cocoa Beach, creating an upscale office and retail boutique environment. The $2 million project resulted in the construction of a 25,000 square feet office tower, complemented by approximately18,000 square feet of retail plaza space. The finished Mediterranean-style property has emerged as one of the Cocoa Beach’s premier mixed-use commercial spaces.

A former Israeli Naval Reserve Officer, Ori Tal earned his Economics and Law degree from the University of Haifa. He maintains Israeli Bar admission and has more than a decade of experience in international and domestic corporate law and real estate. Mr. Tal is assisted by an executive team that includes a project manager with two decades of experience as an investor in, and developer of, hospitality real estate projects.

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