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ABB: The Technology Company

May 10, 2012

When we think of technology companies, what comes to our minds are the Microsoft and Apple companies of the world. They have brought us to new heights of computer usage that allow the masses to harness the power of what the computer can do along with the utility of the internet.

Long ago there were technology companies who also did things which benefited the masses in a big scale in literal terms. ABB is one of these companies formed over 120 years ago.  The many technological innovations it has created and built have significantly advanced human civilization. It was an innovator then and up to today continues to be a leader in its field.

Since many of its products and service involved electricity, it has been building structures in grand scales to be able to service a large sector of society.  ABB grew out of two companies from two different countries.  ASEA was born out of a merger of two Swedish entities. Among its early big projects include building the world’s largest self-cooling transformer in 1932.  On a “smaller” creation it was the first company in the world to manufacture synthetic diamonds in 1952.

BBC on the other hand had its origin in Switzerland. In 1901 it built the first steam turbine in Europe. The company built the world’s most powerful transformer in 1973. These two giants merged in 1988 to form ABB with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

It continues to build large scale projects like the 2,000 kilometer ultra-high-voltage direct current line connecting the Xiangjiaba hydropower plant in Southwest China to Shanghai in 2010. It is also into automation and robotics.

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