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Chegg, Making Education Less Expensive

April 26, 2012

I remember looking over a cork board checking out if there was a second hand general economics textbook for sale. I found one and texted the guy who was selling it. We met at the cafeteria and did the exchange. I went to all the trouble because it really saved me money.  Buying books is expensive.

Osman Rashid and Aayush Phumbhra had their own frustrations with the policies and procedures of their university bookstore. So they put up a company that even saves more money than buying a second hand book, you can rent the books which comes out even much cheaper.

You rent the textbooks online so you also avoid the hassle of having to wait in long lines at the bookstore. The books are delivered in less than a week.  Introduced in 2007, the company was originally named but later on changed its name to Chegg which is actually  combination of the words chicken and egg!

Aside from rental you can sell your used textbooks and buy second hand or new books. You may also sell your used textbooks directly to Chegg. There are also no hidden fees or monthly charges. The company also provides other services like Homework Help where experts can help you answer questions and it’s available 24/7. It also involved in various philanthropic activities and partnership. The company has partnered with American Forest Global Releaf Foundation and reports to date it has planted 5 million trees in different parts of the world.

This is one innovative endeavor where the benefits to student and society at large can be readily seen and felt.

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