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Indian Buses Online

April 5, 2012

India is a very large country with a huge population. The bus industry carries a great number of people traveling from one destination to another. Each bus company has been doing their own thing with regards to getting passengers.  It has been basically buying a ticket at the bus station or a travel agent and getting on the bus.

One problem encountered by a young IT professional in Bangalore, India was not even getting a ticket.  It was simply getting to the travel agency to buy a ticket. He didn’t make it, with limited time and traffic by the time he got there the tickets were all sold out.

That incident looks to be a blessing in disguise for Indian bus passengers and bus operators alike. This young IT professional and friends of similar profession decided to put up redBus ,a company that would sell tickets online. You can also know the bus schedules and the routes.

It has taken a while but they have gotten a good number of the bus operators . So instead of having to run around looking for a ticket you can now do it through the internet. It has also gone beyond the internet offering phone, home delivery, SMS, and physical outlets services. For bus operators they would also know how many of the bus seats have been taken and how many are still available.

What the company is doing is a first in India. The rewards look very promising.

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