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SpaceX Is Making Commercial Space Travel A Realty

March 22, 2012

SpaceX was established in 2002 by Elon Musk who believed that private enterprise has a place in the exploration and development of the final frontier, space. With past and present technological advancements better propulsion systems, cargo and human carriers could be developed by the private sector which can take space travel to new heights.

This takes resources and time. Musk has been providing most of the resources and now in just a span of ten years the company has made milestone achievements that do not look to be hype at all. There have been actual tests and launches using the rocket engines developed by SpaceX.

The Falcon 1 designed to carry low orbit satellites has been successfully tested and became the first privately developed rocket to go into orbit. Falcon 9 has likewise been successful launched into orbit. These rocket engines where simply not designed to launch satellites but like SpaceX itself, is a commercial venture. They’re designed to be reliable and provide a cost-effective option to satellite launching.

SpaceX has a $3 billion contract with NASA to deliver cargo to the International Space Station starting this year and is good for 12 missions. It also has contracts with other entities that want satellites in orbit. The company’s ultimate goal is for human space travel and is also developing a capsule which has already gone into orbit.

SpaceX has made technological achievements and proving it can be done by a private commercial entity. There might be some delays but it looks like it has turned commercial space travel into a reality.

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