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Mainstreaming Alternative Energy

March 15, 2012

There is so much talk about alternative energy. The reality is we are still very dependent on fossil fuel-based energy. The only way to turn alternative energy to mainstream is to have companies produce and consumers buy alternative energy sources.

On the supply, one of the companies manufacturing products to produce alternative energy is Trina Solar. This is a company founded in 1997 and headquartered in Changzhou, China.  It is a vertically integrated company which designs, develops and sells PV (photovoltaic) modules all over the world.  This is a professionally run company that was able to list itself in the New York Stock Exchange in 2006.

It is companies like Trina Solar the can change the market for energy use. Companies such as these though are dependent on government subsidies and programs. The establishment of this company was in fact inspired by the “Million Solar Roof” initiative of the U.S.  Nevertheless Trina Solar continues to grow and is one of the largest PV companies in the world.

The company has the advantage of being able to produce lower cost panels with its manufacturing base in China. It has of late been focusing on quality and has offered 10 years product warranty as well as a 25 year linear performance warranty.  This is a welcome assurance for PV users.

The company made over $2 billion in revenues last year although bottom line profit needs to improve. Hopefully these types of company can continue to grow and improve its product so solar power will no longer be an alternative put a mainstream source of energy.

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