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Remote Reading Of The Electric Meter

March 12, 2012

Quadlogic Controls Corporation was established in 1982 and has its corporate address at Long Island City, New York.  Traditionally, a meter man goes around and reads individual electric meters and records the information which goes to the electric utility company who then subsequently bills the electric consumer be it individuals or corporations.  Quadlogic can read each individual meter remotely. Meaning there is no need for a meter man to go around reading each individual meter.

While there have been ways to read individual electric meters remotely, they have required other devices to be installed aside from the metering device to electronically relay the electricity consumption to a data collection point or device. What makes the Quadlogic technology unique, effective and efficient is that is the information is sent right through the electrical lines thus eliminating the need to have a duplicate line or individual transmitter per electric meter to send the information.

The company calls the system Power Line Communications (PLC) technology.  There is the Transmeter a digital metering device controlled by a microprocessor. It measures and monitors the time and amount of electricity consumed. It also provides information on the quality of the electricity.

The other part of the system is the Quadlogic Scan transponder. It sends a signal to up to hundreds of Transmeters through the existing electrical lines providing the electricity and the Transmeters send the required information back through the same electrical lines. The Scan transponder then sends the gathered information through modems or other appropriate form of data transmission method to the utility company or its billing service.

Once the system is setup human participation is no longer needed to read the meters and no other devices is required as the existing power line is used. There is no need to enter the property to get the readings.

The company also provides billing service so it can take care of monitoring to billing delivery.  It produced the award winding Energy Guard which protects against energy theft.  It has customers world-wide which includes the Trump Organization and Jones Lang Lasalle.

Quadlogic is headed by its co-founder Sayre Swarztrauber who is also the principal inventor and developer of the Power Line Communications technology.

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