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The Cycling World

March 8, 2012

Even today bicycles are still being used as a practical mode of transportation. Many people go to work on a bicycle. In fact many a person’s work involves riding a bicycle. Delivery men still use the bicycle. Policemen in many areas ride bicycles. Lance Armstrong made a comfortable living off a bicycle.

If you have anything to do with bicycles, one company name you should be familiar with is Cervelo.  It is a company founded in 1995 by two engineers with passions for bicycles.  Phil White and Gerard Vroomen built a time trial bike that cyclists liked but the concerned bike sponsor didn’t have much interest.  So they started their own bike company which in two years began to notch impressive victories.

They have built bicycles that have become standards of what a fast bike should be. Using cutting-edge technology including utilizing carbon fiber and testing in wind tunnels, their bicycles are extremely light, stiff and comfortable to ride.  From time trials, the Tour de France, to the highest level of triathlon competition in Ironman, Kona, Hawaii, you’ll find a Cervelo bicycle competing for top honors.  The company boasts of having 40 Olympians using its bicycles in the Beijing Olympics and taking home 3 gold medals.

Cervelo bicycles are popular with the elite as well as the common bike consumers who want a good and fast bike. The company is continuously finding ways to make its bikes even faster.

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