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Outstanding Sony

March 5, 2012

Sony Corporation has a long history of ground breaking products. Standing out had always been something that the company has been good at. From the ravages of WW II, the founders of the company, Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita built a company from scratch and turned it into one of the world’s largest and most well-known companies.

In order to be successful the company had to come out with products that were innovative to say the least. There were already large companies in Japan before the start of WW II. Since the company was founded after the war in 1946, it was relatively unknown so they didn’t have a company history to back them up.

Yet starting from scratch had its own advantage for the founders since it was really their company and they could set the company course as they pleased without being bound by corporate history.  Sony is truly unique just even with its name. It is made up from the Latin word “sonus” meaning sound and “sonny” an English (slang) word.

There may be some objections but if there’s any one company responsible for introducing portability into the consumer electronics world it has to be Sony. One of the company’s first brilliant moves was to realize the vast potential that the transistor had. It would ultimately replace the vacuum tube.

In 1955 Sony launched Japan’s first transistor radio. In 1960 it offered the world’s first direct-view portable TV.  In 1962 it produced the smallest and lightest all-transistor TV in the world, then came the Betamax in 1975. It was followed by the world famous Walkman in 1979.  This started a whole new trend in listening to music which could be carried around. Sony launched the first CD player ushering a new era of audio and video entertainment.

Sony is also in the film and music industry. It established Sony Pictures Entertainment in 1991 and Sony BMG Music Entertainment in 2004. It’s into video games as well with the Sony PlayStation.  While it has always been pioneering and innovative, in many instances other companies have taken the initiative like Samsung. Yet Sony is still a very dominant player.

Built from the ruins of WW II, Sony has risen from being unknown to a leader in the consumer electronics and entertainment scene.

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