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The Original American Blue Jeans

March 1, 2012

The origin about the denim and jeans seems to be British and there’s some hint of French in it too. What’s very clear though is that Jacob Davis along with Levi Strauss got a patent for riveting the pocket corners of men’s pants in 1873. This was the beginning of Levi’s jeans.

Blue jeans is identified with American culture and with a whole lot of advertising, it can be argued that it also has a lot to do with Levi Strauss & Co. which produced branded blue jeans in large numbers. In all fairness its jeans are tough and were designed to take a beating.  When WW II struck American soldiers brought their Levi’s jeans with them exposing the world to this type of pants and identifying America with it.

Denims tended to shrink so in 1963 Levi’s came out with the pre-shrunk jeans. Even before that it introduced “Lady Levi’s” for the women. In keeping up with the times it also offered corduroy jeans in the 1970s. From just a workman’s clothes Levi’s turned its blue jeans into a fashion apparel item.

Calvin Kline jeans, Diesel, Wrangler, should give some thanks to Levi’s since it started this market. With all the challenges from new companies and changing fashion, Levi’s has had its up and downs. The company continues to prosper, and keeps introducing new product lines.

Whatever the future of this company will be, it’s original blue jeans started it all.

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