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Leveraging The Cell Phone

February 23, 2012

Sometimes we don’t have to develop new technology to come up with products that have far reaching positive impact. This is the case with Voxiva.  It service essentially involve texting or calling people. Texting is such as common activity, almost everyone does it.

That’s the significance of what Voxiva provides.  Since many people are familiar with texting, using it as part of a product means a huge market. Also the device used to receive the text message is so common many people have it. What more people who have cell phones carry it with them turned on so the intended target will receive the message.

Not as many people carry laptops or netbooks and have them turned on while on the move.  This is where the cell phone triumphs as a communication equipment and why Voxiva is having much success with the services it offers.

Using software, the internet and of course text messaging, it provides timely reminders to its targeted end-user to help them achieve the desired result.  People who want to quit smoking can benefit from information and timely reminders; the company offers Text2QuitSM. For pregnant mothers there is Tex4baby giving mothers timely targeted educational information to help them with their pregnancy.

Aside from texting Voxiva uses multi-channels to send as well as receive information. They have a program in partnership with U.S. government agencies to help those with diabetes, interacting with patients through the cell phone. In Peru using a similar approach with health workers has resulted in remote health care communication and services that allow for timely information and advice to national and international health agencies and to the health workers and rural folks.

This is all done with something so many people have, the cell phone.

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