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Technology Turns Their Dreams To Reality

February 20, 2012

The catch line of Honda Motors is “The Power of Dreams”. Dreams remain just dreams until they can be turned into reality. Honda’s technological prowess has turned so many of its dreams into reality.

Honda Motors, Ltd was founded in 1948 in Japan producing small motorcycles. The company made its audacious foray to America in 1959 opening a store in Los Angeles, California.  The first Honda Dream motorcycle did not actually live up to their dreamed, being too frail for the long roads of America. What drew much interest instead was the 50 cc Honda Super Cub cycle that the employees used to run errands.

They named it the Honda 50 and perhaps beyond their wildest dream became a hit. Cheap and delivering 200 mpg, this had the female friendly step-through chassis design.  Over 60 million of these motorcycles have been sold.    It is today considered the two-wheel version of the model T and is still manufactured in many countries.

Honda was way ahead in technology for fuel-efficient engines. In 1973 it offered the Honda Civic hatchback just when America’s first energy crisis struck. America saw a nifty alternative to the gas guzzling American cars. It was way ahead with engine environmental concerns. In 1974, the Honda Civic with its CVCC engine became the first vehicle engine without a catalytic converter to meet the strict new U.S. Clean Air Act.  In 1977 the Honda Civic with the CVCC engine produced the highest mileage of 40 miles per gallon in the first U.S. EPA listing in America.

The company hasn’t stopped there. The 1995 Civic became the first car to pass the California Low-Emission Vehicle exhaust emissions standards. While in 1997 the 1998 Accord became the first vehicle to pass the California Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle exhaust emissions standards.

The company is well-known for its hybrid cars as well as the Honda FCX which is the world’s first fuel cell car that has been approved for everyday use by the U.S. EPA.  Its interest in technology caused it to produce its own corporate jet plane under Honda Aircraft Company which opened in 2007. It also produced the now famous Asimo robot.

Honda’s knack for turning its dreams into reality has raised the handle bar many times over in the motorcycle and car industry and is now entering new territories.



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