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PJP Health Agency: Educating Consumers Since 2008

February 16, 2012

Choosing the right health insurance plan for yourself or your family can be a daunting task. Although many policies appear nearly identical, minor differences can greatly affect the overall quality and long-term costs of the coverage you receive. Taking a three-pronged approach to educating consumers about the health insurance industry, PJP Health Agency offers an innovative and instructive support system to connect you with a reputable and affordable health insurance company. With PJP in your corner, you gain easy online access to a wealth of information about providers in your area. Additionally, you receive personalized assistance and a free rate quote directly from a PJP licensed agent who can help you enroll in the plan of your choice.

Taking great pride in its reputation as a forward-thinking enterprise, PJP Health Agency channels considerable resources toward its technology-driven customer service model. In addition to live telephone consultations, PJP minimizes the stress, hassle, and confusion of purchasing a healthcare package by directing consumers to its web-based insurance primer. A pioneering tool designed specifically for people like you, PJP’s Health Insurance University contains valuable insight on topics ranging from the definition of comprehensive major medical insurance, to expenses covered by specific types of policies. PJP’s extensive online educational resources also answer questions about catastrophic and limited plans, prescription drug benefits, restrictions on flexible spending accounts, expanded coverage for adult children, and recent legislative changes that affect every U.S. citizen’s health insurance needs, among other pertinent issues.

Operating in more than 40 states, PJP Health Agency maintains a product portfolio that includes individual and family plans, short-term medical insurance, and lifetime policies. Dental, vision, hearing, prescription, and doctor discount plans are also available through PJP.

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