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Changing How We Work

February 13, 2012

Technology is creating so many changes in society. One area that has gotten much attention is work itself. This includes how we work and where we work.

For quite some time already there have been many discussions about being able to collaborate with your co-workers by sharing information and work. This also includes not having to work in the office, saving time and money in commuting to work, and less need for office space with some workers no longer needed to report in a physical office.

Today this is all now possible. With advancements in telecommunications and the development of the internet, work can be shared by employees via their individual computers.  Actual work collaboration is also possible without having to be in the office.  It is now happening, we are seeing what new technology is doing but we often don’t go deeper and see the companies that are making these changes possible.

One of the companies that have been helping to make this change come about is Citrix Systems, Inc. This was founded in 1989 by an IBM employee who had a technological innovation that IBM wasn’t particularly interested in.  So the employee decided to strike out on his own.  Today this company is involved in creating, developing, as well as selling technology solutions the makes it possible for IT services to be sent on demand anywhere, regardless of network, device, or location in a secured manner. This is what makes working at home, in the hotel room, or even on the beach possible.  The technology it provides is an essential part of the cloud computing industry.

The company had a very rough start. It was given startup funding and from its founding until 1995 it did not make any profit. In fact in its first 2 years there wasn’t any income to speak of.  It was the funneling of more venture capital that kept the company going.

Those who invested have been proven right. As of 2010 the company had revenues of $1.8 billion. It has 10,000 partners in 100 countries. Citrix has 230,000 customers and some are very impressive: 100% of Fortune 100; 98% of Fortune 500; 100% of Fortune Global 100 and 99% of Fortune Global 500.

This company has truly made an impact in the information technology field.

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