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Another First

February 2, 2012

No, Burberry didn’t develop its name trying to take advantage of the popular Black Berry mobile phone. Since it was established in 1856, in England, it’s safe to say that the founder Thomas Burberry had never heard of that familiar sounding product.  Like the more high-tech company, Burberry was a trend setter in its own right.

This luxury brand company (items start at $150 and up) introduced the gabardine in 1880. Containing mostly worsted wool, this was a tightly woven fabric that was water resistant.  The company at its inception focused on making outerwear clothes. It was good enough to get the British government to commission it to make outerwear for the military. Out of this endeavor came the trench coat.

There must be really something with the way the company makes clothes, because after the war, civilians had a liking for its trench coats. It was then lined with the check pattern which Burberry is now well-known for and very much copied by many companies.  This check is used in its other merchandise, such as scarves, and its popular handbags.  Aside from clothing and accessories the company is also into perfumes.

Although over 150 years old Burberry still can come up with something new; in the 2010 London Fashion Week, it produced another first by broadcasting its fashion show via live streaming over the internet and was shown in 3D in selected places around the world.

No wonder this company is still around!

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